The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership is a useful source of information about protecting Portsmouth’s children and is available for all of the community to access. Click on either the picture above or the PSCP picture below for a link to access their main website and excellent one minute guides on a range of subjects.

Although you can find all of our Safeguarding information on this website, including in our Policy section, we have created this page so all of the information is in one place.


Safeguarding Policies

Portsdown Child Protection And Safeguarding Policy September 2023
Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy 2023
Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy 2023
Child Friendly Attendance Policy 2023
Intimate Care Policy 2023
Positive Handling Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy

Prevent Strategy at Portsdown Primary School and Early Years

The aim of the Prevent strategy is to reduce the threat to the UK from terrorism by stopping people being drawn into terrorism.

One Minute Guide Prevent: an explanation of what Prevent is. 

Portsdown Primary School And Early Years And The Prevent Duty

Educate Against Hate Parent Booklet (Provided by the Government for parents/carers.)

Prevent Incident Of Concern Flowchart For Portsdown Primary School And Early Years(The actions the school will take if there is a concern about radicalisation.)

Prevent Risk Assessment For Schools Portsdown (Updated Dec 2023)

Prevent Risk Assessment For Schools Portsdown (new version of risk assessment from DfE) OCtober 2023 archived 

Prevent Duty Risk Assessment Review (archived version)


Additional Information From HIPS (Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton (HIPS) safeguarding children procedures manual.

Any stakeholders, including staff can access further information if interested or needed from the HIPS procedures website


Internet/online safety 

Online gaming and the internet are both brilliant tools and opportunities.  However, they can also be a real worry!

We can keep our children safe whilst using this amazing resources by follwoing a few rules…


Roblox Rainbow Friends

We have been made aware of the game ‘Rainbow Friends’ which is played
within Roblox. There are also video compilations on YouTube
Rainbow Friends is described as a horror experience that combines popular
games such as ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ and ‘Poppy’s Playtime’. Rainbow
Friends takes place over a five-day loop and players take on challenges. While
doing so, players must avoid enemies. You play as a kidnapped child taken to
an amusement park called ‘Odd World’ and are stalked by scary characters.
Some children are finding the characters from this game extremely frightening.
The game’s suggested age is 10+.



Cybercrime is criminal activity committed using computers and/or the internet.  While unusual for children at primary school to become involved in cybercrime, there have been an increasing number of younger children who have been drawn into cybercrime in recent years. Read the one minute guide to find out more about cybercrime and how Portsdown Primary School and Early Years will respond to alleged cybercrme or potential cybercrime activities.

Cyber Crime One Minute Guide

Data Breaches: what to do


The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children’s Partnership has information on it to support professionals including 1 minute guides on all aspects of Safeguarding
The NSPCC has a number of resources, providing more information about the different types of abuse




All stakeholders, including staff, can access further information from HIPS (Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton safeguarding children procedures manual)