Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher: Mr A Vaghela -Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Deputy Head: Mr D Cowell – Deputy DSL, Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Teaching & Learning and Pupil Premium

Inclusion Manager and SENDCO: Mrs S Thomas, Deputy DSL


Year R
Class RRC (Bumblebees) Mrs R Corps – EYFS Curriculum Lead
Class RLS (Snails) Miss L Say – Computing Lead

Year 1
Class 1LS (Hedgehogs) Miss L Symonds – Music Lead
Class 1BR (Owls) Mrs Z Bill (Part time – Mon, Tues and the Wed pm) – KS1
Science Lead
Class 1BR (Owls) Mrs V Riches (Part time: Wed, Thurs, Fri) – Phonics Lead

Year 2
Class 2BW (Badgers) Mrs S Bartlett – KS1 English and Leadership
Class 2BW (Badgers) Mrs V Wells (Part time – Tues am, Wed, Thurs and Fri) – PE Lead
Class 2OS (Foxes) Mrs O Saunders – Art Lead

Year 3
Class 3MC (Jaguars) Miss M Courtney – History Lead
Class 3CT (Leopards) Miss C Thomas – Geography Lead

Year 4
Class 4SG (Rhinos) Miss S Gibson – KS2 English Lead
Class 4DT (Wolves) Mrs D Tyler – DT Lead

Year 5
Class 5EW (Sharks) Mrs E Warren – Maths Lead
Class 5ND (Stingrays) Ms N Davies – PSHE/RSE Lead

Year 6
Class 6VK (White tailed Eagles) Mrs V Kellett – RE Lead
Class 6GD (Golden Eagles) Miss G Dennis – Spanish Lead

Cover Teacher
Miss M Hall (Part time: Wed, Thurs and Fri) – KS2 Science Lead


Classroom Teaching Assistants:

Year R
Mrs S Hounsell, Mrs S Woodason, Miss E Ball, Ms C Pilgrim

Year 1
Mrs D Sellers, Mrs E Evans, Mrs M North, Ms S Creagan

Year 2
Miss S Paddon, Mrs S Pligrim

Year 3
Mrs L Fegan, Mrs L Child, Ms S Xuereb , Ms B Jones

Year 4
Mrs H Ball, Miss Y Rose-Forde, Mrs N Dine, Mrs M Browbrick

Year 5
Miss M Metherell, Mrs A Fewings, Mrs C Metherall

Year 6
Mrs L Sparks, Miss H Leggett

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:
Mrs L Child (based in year 3), Miss H Leggett (based in year 6)

SCITT Student:

Miss H O’Brein


Miss B Bates

Librarian – Mrs L O’Harrow (part time – Tues and Weds)
Reading Champion and Library Apprentice – Miss Z Griffin

ICT Technologist: Mr C Smart (part time: Half days Mon, Wed and Fri)

Office Staff:

Mrs E Durow – Office/Support Manager

Mrs V Fryer – Administration Assistant

Mrs S Carpenter – Attendance Officer

Finance Team:

Mrs J Newbury – Finance Manager

Mrs V Miller (Part time) – Finance Assistant

Inclusion Team:

Mrs D Hardy – Home Family Link Worker and Safeguarding coordinator

Mrs T Blades – Learning Mentor and Loss Companions

Mrs D Hickley – Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs A O’Byrne – ELSA

Site Team:

Mr A Taylor – Facilities/Site Manager

Mrs C Neil – Cleaner

Miss H Farndell – Cleaner

Ms J Shires -Cleaner

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs C Neil, Ms A O’Byrne,

Miss M Tate, Miss C Metherell , Ms L Fegan, Ms S Xuereb

Mrs D Hickley, Mrs L Purtill, Mrs C Davies, Miss Y Rose-Forde

Mrs M North, Mr E Owen-Jones, Mrs B Jones, Miss T Sweeney

Mrs D Tee, Miss V Linden, Ms G Wearn, Mrs  C Pilgrim, Miss S Davies

Nursery Staff:

Nursery manager: L Hill (Deputy DSL)
Deputy Nursery Manager: L Duff (Deputy DSL and Butterflies room leader)

Nursery Nurses: S Choate, S McMurray, S Hambry, S Willers, N Smith
Nursery Assistant: H Farndell

Room leader: D Baker
Nursery Nurses: I Matthews, L Jeal, J Reynolds, M Longcake
Nursery Apprentice: C Hickley

Nursery lunchtime staff:

Miss H Farndell, Ms K Storey, Ms J Shires