At Portsdown, we are very aware of the pressures of cost when it comes to school uniform. As a result, we have developed our approach to support all of our community.
Any branded item is entirely optional.

If you do not want to buy branded items of uniform, non-branded items are readily available at leading supermarkets at a reasonable cost.
The uniform with our school logo is sold through ‘My Clothing’.

The prices for branded items are very competitive and there is quite an extensive range to choose from. Please use the link below.

Our uniform for the school is:

  • Black shoes or trainers (no backless or open toed shoes or shoes with a heel no higher than 1 inch)

  • Red cardigan, red sweatshirt, red jumper or red fleece – with or without school logo

  • White Polo Shirts (with or without school logo) or plain white shirts or blouses

  • Black or Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore – plain no embellishment

  • Black or grey shorts or a red gingham dress for the summer months – plain no embellishment

  • No jewellery with the exception of stud earrings or items of a religious or cultural nature. We may ask for these items to be removed during certain PE sessions.


  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Plain black or blue shorts

  • Primsole or trainers

In cold weather, children will be able to wear a jumper or plain track suit bottoms for outdoor PE.
Book bags

When your child first starts at Portsdown we will give you registration forms to fill out. When you have filled out all of the forms, including the electronic free school meal form, we will give you a free Portsdown book bag.

If you prefer, you can purchase a book bag directly from the school office for £8.

School Uniform Policy is available on the main policies page.