Writing at Portsdown Primary School and Early Years

At Portsdown, we believe that all children can be successful and develop into confident writers. From Reception to Year 6, we ensure that the children practise the key skills of phonics, spelling and grammar through purposeful and engaging writing opportunities.

We use great quality texts, real life experiences and the children’s own interests to foster a love of writing.

Writing in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):  the Nursery and Year R

 Writing in the Nursery and Year R is a key part of the ‘Literacy’ area of the EYFS Curriculum (although there are also key links to the Communication and Language;  Physical Development; and Expressive Arts and Design areas of the EYFS Curriculum). Within the provision at Portsdown Primary School and Early Years, the children will have opportunities to develop the gross motor and fine motor skills required to be able to write, exploring their mark-making and developing their print and letter knowledge in a range of activities and opportunities with the aim to be able to write letters and words (in simple phrases and sentences) by the end of Year R.

 By clicking on the links below, you can see:

*The National Curriculum for English which shows the skills that should be taught in each year group (including spelling lists)

*The School’s approach to handwriting with some ideas on how to practise this at home

*Ideas for writing activities at home

English National Curriculum

English Information and Guidance

Ideas for Writing Opportunities at Home

Please ask your child’s teacher if you need any help with supporting your child’s writing at home or if you have any questions. We are always happy to help you.

We use Pen Pals as our Handwriting Scheme.  It teaches children to form their letters using the following Letter Families: