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Trips, visitors and experiences undertaken in Autumn 2 included:
Visits to Marwell (Year 3)
Fort Nelson (Year 4) for their Roman experience day
Forest of Bere forest trip for the nursery children in Butterflies
Cosham Park visit for the nursery children in Caterpillars
Queen Elizabeth Country Park  for Year 1
Cosham Library for Year R
A Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra sponsored workshop for Year 5 was undertaken and swimming continued in Year 5
Owls visited the school for Year 2
Ukulele lessons started in Year 4
There were further football matches agaisnt Portsmouth Grammar School (1 x girls and 1 x boys)                                                                                  Each year group was involved ina performance to parents (e.g. a nativity or carol singing)                                                                                             Visit to Winchester Science Museum INTECH – Year 5 (for the second class)                                                                                                                       Posting of letters to Santa (nursery)                                                                                                                                                                                                 UTC science experience day for selected children in Year 6


Trips, visitors and experiences undertaken in Autumn 1 included:
Swimming in Year 5
Dance performance to school by Year 5
Author visit to Years 1 and 2 plus to Year R and parents from Simon Philip
A visit to the farm Year 3
Stone Age artefact box and associated online lessons run by the Novium Museum (Chichester)
Visit to Winchester Science Museum INTECH – 1 class in Year 5 (other has been rearranged for December)
Samba Drumming Workshop Year 3
Mary Rose visited Year 6
Visit to the local park for Year 1
Cooking in KS1
Black History Month including learning a song and performing it (song by a famous black musician) and learning about and performing the sport of a famous black sportsperson.
4 football matches undertaken (2 x boys and 2 x girls).