Government guidance for Remote learning can be found here. Providing remote education: guidance for schools – GOV.UK (

Attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age. On very few occasions, there may be a situation where we will have to provide Remote Learning for pupils. For example, we may have to close the school for a flood or power failure.

Our approach:

  • For closures such as the examples above, learning will be placed on our website by 9am of the day of closure. It will be made clear where this learning can be found.

  • Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 learning will mainly be based on links to Oak National Academy. Other websites may be used.

  • There will be approximately 3 hours of learning for KS1 and 4 hours of learning for KS2.

  • For EYFS, a bank of activities and links that families can use will be published.

  • If your child is struggling to access their year groups learning, do not worry. They can access learning from a previous year group.

  • If your child is not well, they will not have to complete remote learning.